MANADO- Indonesia is not only successfully create a new world record in the diving attraction in the bulk Malalayang Beach, Manado, North Sulawesi, yesterday. In the same location, recreate the Indonesian new world record with a warning for the ceremony to HUT RI-64 under the sea.

Visibility on the location, on Monday (17/8/2009), the ceremony in the sea as much depth of 18-20meters was held for 30minutes with the involvement of 2465 plunger.

As many as 51 divers from the VIP and 76 representatives of foreign divers are divided into 56 groups. Jury Guinness Book of World Records British origin Lucia Sinigagliesi also witness the spectacular show.

Inspector morning before the ceremony was the Deputy Head of Staff Navy vice admiral Muklas Sidik. While the commander is a ceremonial Head of Department The Navy warlord First Iskandar Sitompul.